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Many advances in operation cosmetic surgery

cure cystic acneMany of us are familiar with the most popular form of plastic surgery. Millions of people have chosen one or more cosmetic procedures, but did you hear about the real progress that has happened to improve the procedures and minimize the risk?

The American Society of Plastic Surgeons lists the following cosmetic surgery more popular year after year, ranging from surgery to breast augmentation (347,500 cases), liposuction (302,000 cases), eyelid surgery (241,000 cases), Rhinoplasty (285,000 cases), and tummy tuck (148.000 cases). Each procedure has a long history, and recent advances have made it safer and more effective than ever.

Progress for the three most popular types of cosmetic surgery are:

Breast Augmentation Surgery
Both types of silicone breast implants and saline was introduced in 1960. For example, silicone gel high cohesion is available for women. The gel is thicker than the other types of silicone implants filled with silicone manufacturing high cohesion name “gummy bear” implants. The plants are safer than previous generations of silicone implants, partly because greatly reduce the possibility of migration of silicone, or a loss in the body.

Modern form of liposuction has been around since the 1980s, but the procedure has changed dramatically over time. Significant advances in liposuction is the use of liquid injection. This injection is no longer required for general anesthesia in most cases, and they (and other improvements) made the process less risky. Now, men and women tend to have more cells of fat removal with less discomfort from the use of advanced liposuction technique.

Often called rhinoplasty, nasal surgery has experienced a series of advances in the past century. In general, candidates for rhinoplasty are now several options to shape them.

Choose Cosmetic Surgery
It does not matter where you are interested in cosmetic surgery, believe that surgeons, anesthesiologists and other surgical methods continue to improve and expand the options available to customers. However, each procedure has its own risks and special considerations, so be careful and always in consultation work with a certified plastic surgeon to make decisions about their care to make.

Women Have More Risk Black Stains Spots on Face

Black stain on the faceBlack stain on the face or the so-called spots is a problem that many women experience. These spots can arise due to various factors, including genetic factors and external factors. External factors such as pollution, UV rays, cosmetics, age, etc., can cause hyper pigmentation. Black stain spots on the face not only experienced by women, but also men. Even so, women are more likely to experience these spots because of female hormones.

It is most influenced the emergence of a black stain or hyper pigmentation spots are melanin content in the skin that is affected by the production of the hormone estrogen in the female body. The hormone estrogen affects the formation of tyrosine’s enzyme that regulates the frequency and amount of melanin to be issued, and came to the surface of the skin epidermis.

The hormone estrogen will further increase during certain times of the female cycle period, for example, when you are menstruating. The buildup of pigment or melanin in the skin layer will lead to the emergence of black stain on the skin, known as dark spots or hyper pigmentation. However, the production of melanin due to the increase of this hormone is not immediately visible effect, but in a long time because they accumulate and reach the surface. Then comes this black stain spots.

In addition to menstruation, other factors that trigger spots of black stain is increased estrogen production is the use of oral contraceptives continuously, and the hormone estrogen that is formed due to pregnancy. Pregnant women must be seen to have many spots, especially in the face and neck. However, spots will usually disappear after childbirth.

Home and Natural Remedies
Most insurance does not cover cosmetic procedures such as age spot removal. These treatments can be very expensive, but there are alternatives you can try if you cannot afford the price of surgical treatment.
Aloe is good for many skin problems and can help fade age spots naturally. Apple cider vinegar can be mixed in two parts to one part of orange juice and applied to the area on a pad or cloth.

Women have used buttermilk for years to improve complexions, and the lactic acid may help you reduce the appearance of age spots. Castor oil has many adherents, and the oil should be rubbed into the skin twice daily. Proponents of this technique suggest spots will fade within a month.
Lemon juice, dandelion stems, bilberry herb, and mashed chickpea poultices are recommended by many people.

Some natural products use exotic ingredients, and they might show you how to get rid of aging spots without costing a lot of money. Extrapone nutgrass root lightens the skin naturally by inhibiting melanin production. The root extract can also arrest skin aging and reduces freckles.

4 Various growing Beauty Care Popular

women-health-beautyThere are several types of beauty treatments are available for people of both sexes. Some beauty treatments that are considered luxuries few years ago as manicures and pedicures, has become a virtual prerequisite for the youth of this generation. A hand and nail treatment manicures. Pedicure is the care that focuses mainly on the feet and beyond.

Facial care
both men and women of different age groups go to a beauty clinic in your area, at least once a week. As part of this visit, which will undergo a facial treatment that will completely change the look of their faces? Facials have become increasingly popular over the past 10 years. In this treatment, the client receives their faces washed or cleaned. In washing, the cream is applied to the face and left on the face for some time. After drying in water, the face of normal or rose water is used to dry effectively cream rubbing. In addition to rub the cream, there are others, such as cream herbal cream that is applied to the face and then cleaned.

Hair Care        
Men prefer the receding hairline. Some men, who have become part bald, opt for hair replacement procedures, or therapies. In this treatment, a new set of follicles included in the area where there is baldness. In the case of complete baldness, hair fabric methodology is also used to implement the new hair directly to the area baldness.

Other beauty treatments are becoming very popular among a slightly larger person is a Botox treatment. To get rid of wrinkles, people in the age group 60 to 70 years to get a complete makeover. They lost all their wrinkles, sagging neck and look younger. In this treatment, Botox is injected directly into the areas where there are wrinkles.

Medical Spa
Medical Spa has grown dramatically over the past 5 years. In addition to treatments such as Botox, this spa also offers massages and Ayurvedic massage rejuvenates the body. As part of this treatment, heated vegetable oil is applied to parts of the body that have been highlighted. Vegetable oils, medicinal plants containing mixtures of the mountain, reducing the pressure and make the skin softer.

Acne – Know the Causes And How to Cure

treating-acne and SafeAll people, especially women, would love to have a healthy skin, smooth, and radiant. However, many people who suffer from acne, blackheads or whiteheads that unfortunately ruin the appearance of their face. Hunting for acne prevention programs for this reason be important. The recommended initial treatment in dealing with acne wash the area with warm water and suffered a mild soap not less than twice a day. This helps clear out excess oils and dirt that can trigger spots. Always keep the skin and pores stay clean is very important. Squeezing, massaging, select or acne appears really pure error due to an increased danger of infection many times and can lead to injuries that would later involve other treatments.

As explained by expert dermatologists, acne or blackheads because it is usually caused by just the skin pores are blocked by dirt or infection, to bring about the accumulation of sebum. Handling dirty things (phones, headsets, etc.) or wearing dirty clothes or fashion accessories (scarves, hats, sweatbands, etc.) And after that part touching the skin very smooth, leading to the possibility of this type of skin eruption.

Another factor is the hair, which must be completely clean and tied back whenever practical. It is most often talked about the culprit, potentially as responsible as the hand, is to blame for facial acne. Because the face is the most commonly seen, may be the object of great embarrassment and anxiety. Long-term disability as a result holds a great emotional effect.

Wearing excessive make-up also raises susceptibility to acne. Using hypoallergenic products reduces the prevalence. Elimination of this make-up before bed allows the pores and skin to breathe unhampered all through the night to sleep, allowing the revitalization of skin cells.

Exposed to sunlight during the day is not the only cause of a red, splotchy skin, but also stimulates the secretion of sebum or oily. It is advisable to reduce the time spent in the sun.

There are dermatologists who support the use of benzyl peroxide and salicylic acid as part of their daily beauty routine. These medications help clear the bacteria that are present on the surface layer of skin (epidermis). Some may even recommend the use of antibiotics or a prescription retinoid lotion against acne.

Acne is certainly disturbing, because usually (though not exclusively) come during puberty or adolescence. Nevertheless, it can be fully taken care by maintaining a healthy diet and lifestyle and hygienic.