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Alternative method when considering liposuction

mesotherapy-liposuction-injectOne alternative method to traditional liposuction and tumescent is Mesotherapy. Mesotherapy involves a series of injections varied materials. According to the supporters of this method, a liquid is injected damaging the pockets of fat that is effective and minimally invasive liposuction techniques. Generally, it is not a more cost-effective method to get rid of fat; the average cost of each session around the $ 500s, and requires repeated sessions to achieve the desired effect. The technique is controversial, and physicians encourage patients to carefully research the options before deciding an alternative technique for liposuction.

Doctors regularly examine claims that Mesotherapy patient chemical mixture injected under the skin literally melt the fat away. They also claim that it is not only against mesotherapy fat, it can also be used to treat back pain, headaches and neck pain. The surgeon is quick to cite a study in 1994-1995 claimed that those who received the injections to lose weight even without diet and exercise.

The American Association of Plastic Surgeons (AAPS) says that mesotherapy is not guaranteed safe or effective method of eliminating excess fat, citing a lack of research data and evidence. Other critics call the method “too good to be true,” and did not find any credible claim to melt away fat. They also said that while mesotherapists stated that the risk factors are lean and virtually no downtime, no one knows for sure what the content of the ingredients of this chemical cocktail. Some may use a variety of plant extracts, others a combination of chemical or a mixture of both. The general consensus among members of AAPS physicians is that it can not be determined to be safe or effective until the data and case studies were conducted.

Many alternatives to liposuction available to consumers. Most are not supported by AAPS but are widely available on the Internet and through TV informercials. This method tends to have the results vary widely, and are not supported by medical research or scientific studies. Most of this alternative method is based on do-it-yourself principle and supported by testimonials from past and current users of the product.

In the world we live in an all-digital, many are not satisfied unless they achieve immediate results. Liposuction alternative seems to be the best route to go for many. It is safe to say that liposuction is not for everyone, and often risks will outweigh the benefits. According to the Food and Drug Administration, the only safe and effective alternative to liposuction is a tried and true route of diet and exercise. The FDA also suggests that people learn to accept the way they look and embrace who they are. The best advice is still to consult with a qualified cosmetic surgeon and the objective is to review the needs of individuals and consider the risks and benefits of any given procedure.

Breast Reconstruction Female After Weight Loss Surgery

Breast-Augment-mammoplastyIn the pre-surgical consultation for weight loss surgery, gastric bypass surgeon I remember asking me “will I lose my breast?” He assured me, yes indeed, I will lose my breasts. I am embarrassed by my skin balloon after WLS breasts, now deflated hung low in my chest. My breasts – my sexual pride and joy for many years – are now careless ugly flaps of skin.

The first attempt: I increased my exercises: bench press and butterfly. It did not help. Exercises that work the chest muscles will help tone the chest, but not the breast. Breast no muscle tissue, their fat tissue, and therefore do not respond to weightlifting or resistance exercise of any type.

 The second attempt: I tried a couple applying cream ordered from a fashion magazine. They promised to grow my breasts by two cup sizes. It turns out the promise was a lie.

The final step: Consult with your plastic surgeon. He congratulated my weight loss, muscle complimented me (I actually do a lot of resistance exercise) and then he suggested and augmentation mammoplasty. He will take the balloon deflated my skin, put them back front and center where they belong and inflate them with implants. I was about 18 months of operation and have maintained my weight for two or three months. I feel confident the time is right to get to “touch.”

 The surgery was performed under general anesthesia in the operating room at the plastic surgeon’s office. He is to remove excess skin, lifting my nipples and reposition them and implant inserted under the chest muscle. He closed the area with surgical tape and tied me in a surgical bra support. After I awoke from the anesthesia my husband took me home to rest and recover.

There is a lot of pain from muscle removed and transferred in the operation. Also, the weight of the implant looks great on my chest. Sitting is the most comfortable position. Lying down or standing due to discomfort. I take prescription pain medication for six days and then over-the-counter pain medication for two weeks. At first it does not look normal breast (what normally around the implant?) And I had the equivalent of postpartum breast sadness repeatedly ask “What have I done to my body?”

Augmentation of the breast, or augmentation mammoplasty, has become one of the plastic surgery procedure that is most often asked women of all ages. This is most often done to increase the size of small breasts, fix the size difference between the breasts, and breast reconstruction after mastectomy for breast cancer. a breast implant is inserted either behind the breast tissue of each breast or behind the pectoralis major muscle, the major muscle of the chest wall, thereby increasing the size of the breast. “

However, as the pain subsided so did my sorrow or regret. My new breasts settle well into my new little body and to this day I do not regret the procedure. I feel like, curvaceous sexy woman – a woman I never thought I would be.

3 plastic surgery procedures for women

Plastic surgery has become a popular woman. Many cosmetic surgery procedures are specifically aimed at them as breast augmentation, the facelift, liposuction.

mesotherapy-liposuction-inject Plastic surgery procedures have become so popular among women these days that a lot of procedures in a special section devoted to them. It is a fact that women are more likely to undergoing cosmetic surgery than men, although some men also experience as them. There are factors that characterize this procedure, especially for women, but there are special occasions when there is an exception to it.

Breast augmentation
This cosmetic surgery procedure aimed at improving women’s breasts such a way that the breast was augmented and enhanced. Although there are several techniques in breast surgery, the most common is the introduction of an implant into the area. This plastic surgery procedure requires several incisions should be made strategically to ensure the scars less visible and augmentation works optimally. Reduction and lifting are also some procedures that focus on women’s breasts. Some men have reduction surgery performed on them as well.

The face lift
Surgical face lift procedure comes in different methods and intensities. Women who have passed the age of fifty are often very passionate to perform this surgical procedure. The procedure is basically the excess skin on the outskirts, and tissue that can contribute to sagging and wrinkles on the face. There are various methods for face lift procedures but most are actually just focus on the bottom face in the nose, jaw, cheekbones, eyebrows, and mouth.

plastic surgeryLiposuction surgery
Liposuction surgery using the tube as a tool to suck the liquid fat that has been previously dissolved. The best form of plastic surgery is used for obese people who want to weight loss. A certain amount of fat is allowed to be reduced by liposuction session. Extract fat suctioned too much can be harmful to women because our bodies need to function properly. This procedure can be done in various parts of the body where fat has gathered such as in the abdomen, legs, arms, thighs and buttocks. Another decent section may be recommended by the surgeon if he thinks that the patient may benefit from this. This operation is very popular with women, but there are also many men who opt for it as well.

It is quoted based plastic surgery many surgeons who are experienced and familiar doing it. The usual step is to initially determine how well the individual candidates to be operated with surgical and more discussion then followed the standard operation. The doctor should make the patient understand the possible risks, side effects on the results of the surgical procedure.

7 Simple Way To Reduce Acne Scar

natural Herbal TreatmentIf the acne on the face is not treated in the right way, it will leave the former in the face causing a strong line remaining for years. There are simple natural methods of treatment that can be treated to reduce acne scars. Look carefully for better understanding.

  1. Baking soda as a mask. Take a pinch of baking soda on your fingers. Mix in a few drops of water. Apply on your face. Let stayed there for about 15 minutes. Wash your face with water. Your skin will feel softer and cleaner. Use a facial mask to reduce acne scars or acne twice a week.
  2. You should avoid touching your face if you want clear skin. It is normal for hands to get dirty, so avoid touching your face. Make sure your hands are clean when touching or washing the face.
  3. Vitamin E is wonderful for the skin, and it is one of the best natural acne cures. You can eat foods that contain vitamin E every day. Make sure you give a few weeks for it to work. In addition, you can apply the gel from the capsule of vitamin E to the skin, and will heal quickly.
  4. Detoxification is considered good practice to achieve the scars – acne free, healthier skin. This method involves the practice of cleansing the urinary, colon cleanses the liver, lungs, and other parts, including blood. This treatment is referred to as infrared sauna therapy, which is just not only treats the acne problem but also clears acne scars completely.
  5. Benzoyl peroxide is known as an effective antibacterial for acne control in the long term. Controlling acne over the short term when performed by doctors prescribe oral antibiotics or external antibiotics such as erythromycin and clindamycin other. The negative aspect of antibiotics is that bacteria become more resistant to long time. 40 years have passed and people have never experienced bacterial resistance to benzoyl peroxide.
  6. Fruit apple and honey mask for acne naturally. Take half of an apple, and grate it. Mix with four teaspoons of honey. Apply on the affected skin acne scars. Let it stay there for about 15 minutes. Rinse with water. This face mask for acne works wonders on dry skin. You can use it every day because it prevents the outbreak of acne and also bring light and light on the skin.
  7. One of the best natural acne cure is salt water. When you go to the beach, you can shower or swim in salt water, and the colour of your skin will improve. If not, you can mix salt and water at home alone, it must have some effect on your acne condition.

Quite easy right ..?