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Benefits of fruits relationship with facial skin

fruit for facialOne part of the body that can support your appearance is the face. With a clean and fresh face, you will be more confident. There are many ways to keep the freshness of the face, one with the use of vitamin content in fruits. Any problems on the face depending on skin type.

First the skin is oily, with the characteristics of continuous discharge of oil on the face around the forehead, nose, chin (the term “T”), and the cheek at the bottom of the cheekbone. In general, this type of skin covered with acne easily. For this type, then the cucumber can help overcome them. This nutritious fruit smoothie and relaxes the skin, helps relieve the pores and remove impurities from the skin. This acne can be prevented. In addition to cucumbers, tomatoes can also help restore the balance of oil on oily skin, so the face is always fresh and natural.

The second is dry skin. Usually, the skin looks dull or glossy, sometimes feels tense (interested), scaly, and itchy. State biscuits pore often appears withered and rough, and wrinkled, making it look older than actual age. Fruit is good for consumption for this type of skin is carrots. Vitamin A in carrots are required for maintenance of epithelial tissue (tissue that is the skin surface). Carotene contained in carrots is also a function to keep the skin moist, slow down wrinkles on the face, and always make the face look radiant. In addition, pineapple can also be your alternative. Therefore, this fruit contains a substance that functions sum up the pores so skin looks smooth.

Then the normal skin. In between these two types of skin before, the ideal is normal skin types. This type of skin is not oily nor dry. In addition, the texture is smooth and feels soft to the touch. For this type of skin, avocado can be your choice. Avocado mask to help care for normal skin types. Therefore, the high fat content that can moisturize the skin and protects skin from the effects of sunlight.
What about your skin..?

Note: Carrots can be consumed by raw carrots blended into a juice or boiled as well.

Breast Cancer Treatment Center

Every woman knows how terrifying breast cancer is and it won’t be easy to accept that they must be dealing with this serious health condition. Woman must be able to know their body better and regularly check breast area as recommended. Breast cancer is highly treatable in early phase even with very good prognosis. Any sign of abnormality on the breast area, it must be consulted with a physician right away.

It is understandable that you are nervous even afraid with this condition and being haunted with the ideal of breast cancer. However, getting the right diagnosis is very crucial to know the right follow up option. The Breast Center at Houston Northwest Medical is the right place to go. It is the nationally recognized multidisciplinary medical center for breast cancer care and treatment. This is the finest medical facility in greater Houston area specializing in breast cancer with complete ranges of diagnostic services and treatments. The Breast Center has team of highly qualified medical professionals from different specialties dedicated their medical practices in the field of breast cancer diagnosis, treatment, and care. Team of physicians and surgeons is ready to deliver the best quality medical care to help you with your condition.

This medical facility has top notch cancer diagnosis technology. It is ranging from advanced breast imaging service to biopsy. Supported with highly capable diagnosis team, you will get precise diagnostic for your condition. Once you get the diagnosis, you can easily find medical specialists to discuss the treatment options you have. All staffs at this medical center are not only capable in their professional field but also compassionate to the patients. You will get the best of care to make sure that your treatment will give you optimum result. The Breast Center is where you can get the best, most trusted, and most compassionate care for breast cancer.

Recognize Dandruff in the Hair

Dandruff (pityriasis capitis) is flaking off the scalp. Normally, cells of the skin which generally amounts to a little flaky. But when the flaking is produced in large quantities and irritation followed, this is the culprit. Dandruff can also be called as a symptom of seborrheic dermatitis, psoriasis, fungal infection or head lice.
Dandruff is not always due to the release surface of the scalp is dry or not washing your hair clean.
There is a type of fungus Malassezia ovale that cause itching and makes the flakes of skin cells from the top of the head. There are other fungi; Pitysporum ovale. When the fungus irritates the cells, the cells are produced faster than usual.
Outside the mold, there is seborrheic dermatitis, an innate inflammation type on the surface of the scalp. When skin is dry and inflamed, there will be small pieces on the scalp, face, or behind the ear.

Before treating the dandruff, first, we must recognize the hair, the usual case, the epidermal cells on the scalp will; dead and flaking of the scalp. Typically, the peel is too small to be visible to the eye. However, there are certain conditions that led to revenue growth / cell to be too fast. As a result, dead skin cells are released and accumulate in large quantities.

As times, how to overcome dandruff can be varied. Many people who choose to treat dandruff with the alias naturally without medication. Dandruff can disappear without medication. In other words, we can change habits that have led to dandruff, and replace them with healthier behaviors. For example, every time you wash your hair with shampoo (any brand), leave the shampoo on the head about 1-5 minutes, and while a massage. This massage can cleanse the skin flakes on the head. You can also choose a shampoo that contains zinc piritonin, salicylic acid or selenium sulfide. These substances are antiseptic versatile and capable of slowing the growth of scalp cells are the order. Or we could look for a shampoo containing ketoconazole.

If the “correct behavior” is not enough to prevent dandruff, you can try traditional ingredients. Use a few leaves of finely ground a short distance, then apply on the scalp before shampooing.
If dandruff and persistent irritation that still cannot tolerate, immediately consult a dermatologist.

Damaged Skin: Sun a Direct Causes

Damaged skin – Many people are not aware of exposure to sun damaged skin can play in the aging process. It is commonly thought that the only thing that affects our skin’s appearance and feel is the production of collagen and elastin slows us down, and the loss of hyaluronic acid to attack the enzymes that break down. Structural tissue loss is only part of what is going on though.

In our time, we tend to spend much time in the sun, without thinking about the fact that we do harm to ourselves. UV radiation from the sun causes the formation of free radicals in our body. What the radicals is that our bodies tend to break up the cellular level, which rapidly increases the effect of the appearance of aging. Your skin suffers a lot of damage.

Heavily damaged skin tends to wrinkle in the sun long before the skin has remained sheltered from the sun and wrinkles that developers tend to be much clearer. Also sun damage that leads to what is commonly known as age spots to develop. The name is misleading, since it does not appear as often in people who have suffered from overexposure.

This is simply due to the fact that this place does not begin to appear until after they have spent forty that the myth of the proper age came into force. Before they are known to be directly associated with signs of photodamage referred to simply as liver spots, due to their color. It is a cosmetic company that took advantage of those associated with age, so they can generate more sales.

Skin damage can be improved by the use of products containing natural ingredients such as vegetable oils and emollients. These materials provide the antioxidants necessary to eliminate the availability of free radicals, and to clean up the mess they made. One of the most potent antioxidants available is a protein peptide and enzyme mixture known as Cynergy.

Two other important ingredients for all the products anti aging skin care is phytessence wakame kelp extract and functional keratin protein duo. The first of these will disable the ability of the enzyme to cause the skin to break down hyaluronic acid, and it will stimulate the production of new collagen and elastin in the skin.

There is no formula for sun damaged skin would be complete without addressing the problem of unsightly brown sun spots. This material is the most potent inhibitor of melanin natural world. This will restore the dark spots of a healthy tone, and prevent new stains appear greatly reduce melanin production.

What I have described to you is a recipe for sun-damaged skin that is responsible for everything you need to keep skin healthy and younger looking.

Find for information about the right plastic surgeon

plastic surgeryA patient needs a local plastic surgeon, then it should be complete and detailed information on the best plastic surgeon. Information held by a plastic surgeon as a state licensed, board-certified surgeons, doctors and professional organizations can play an important role for a doctor to meet the standards of medical ethics and practice. Specific obligations have been shown to keep pace with developments and the latest research, tools and technical expertise to hone their competitive skills. However, offering the best tools does not mean that it will offer plastic surgery techniques, and you still need more information in order to feel comfortable with the plastic surgery procedures. This is why patients need several days to find the right plastic surgeon as needed.

Doctors have licensed does not mean that they are suitable standard plastic surgeon specialty and level of training. The license or permit of state guarantees only his training and to provide medical services. A board certified plastic surgeon means it must meet specific specifications in the field of education and examination. In addition, a plastic surgeons attempt  professional accredited, the highest level of professional reputation doctor medical ethics, professional and feedback are professional and experienced. Although it is a guarantee of accredited art of beauty and aesthetic integrity. The search engines on the internet about cosmetic plastic surgery and the site offers a list of doctors who can handle and meet the requirements of your specialty.

It is important to remember that plastic surgeons perform medical procedures and aesthetic of form and function of each surface of the human body that can give satisfaction in appearance. The plastic surgeon offering medical services in specialties because they have spent about 12 years (education) to understand the form, function, maintenance, and the tools used to help men and women to go back and improve the appearance of your body. The patients who depend on the level of experience when he was in surgery plastic surgery. Board certification and medical research services provide transparency and benchmarks to measure the patient had no history last year. Now, men and women can be fully informed before they even set up a surgery date.