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Is it True Breast Size Affect Fertility?

 In a man’s natural instincts will direct the choice in infertile women as spouses. Because it is not wrong if some men like big breasted women, because breast size related to female fertility.

Not just the breasts, body shape as a whole showed a woman’s fertility rate, at least according  to a study at the an University, Poland. The study, conducted  that linked the female body shape with production of the hormone estradiol.

The researchers say the hormone estradiol is an indicator of a woman’s fertility. The higher levels of estradiol produced by the condition of a woman’s reproductive system are getting support to produce offspring.

He said that women who produce large amounts of estradiol tend to have a body that is called type ‘Barbie-shaped’. This type is characterized by a body like an hourglass shape, which is grooved with a slim waist and hip bones and large breasts.

With a shape like that, a woman on average had higher levels of estradiol 30 percent more than round-bodied women and scrawny. Excellence is giving the chance of pregnancy three times greater in women curvy bodied.

“In western culture, Barbie-shaped is a symbol of beauty. These findings provide a scientific explanation of related symbols,” he said as quoted by New scientist.

In that study, involving 119 women aged 24-37 years in America. All the participants are not currently using drugs and hormonal contraception and no overweight or underweight, which differ only in shape type.

Women Turned out Skin Aging Faster than Men

In general, men will look more dignified when he began to grow, while women with increasing age would appear to look older. The latest results also explain that her skin will grow old faster than the skin of a man possessed.
By using the laser technique, researchers can see the deeper layers of the skin and can further assess the damage caused by sun exposure and aging.
Picture of collagen and elastic cause skin wrinkling decline and loss of smoothness, and the look that women will experience a loss of collagen faster than men.

Collagen is the protein found in the dermis layer, a layer of connective tissue in the skin that has the ability to strengthen the skin. The body will make a lot of collagen at a young age, and then the production will continue to decline with age.

Currently, experts from the Friedrich Schiller University dermatology, many German study of collagen in the dermis tissue of patients with a way to take and do research under the microscope. Then they assess the collagen content.
Generally, the amount of collagen and elastic as well as the physical appearance of the dermis according to patient age. It was also associated with gender, where women are more rapid skin aging when compared with men. The statement also included in the journal Optics Letters. With this technique, it is hoped one day be used to analyze skin diseases affecting collagen.