June 2018
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Avoid Mistakes We Make-up for the Office of Departure

Make-up — Still look beautiful in the office should not wear excessive make-up. At work, wear makeup thin it will issue a maximum aura of beauty.

Now you find out some make-up air mistakes that are often done unconsciously when they go to the office,
1. Thick makeup
Such thick makeup eye makeup smokey eyes with false eyelashes, eye make-up and lips are too thick. This is a big mistake; you should apply makeup like that when it comes to the party, not for the office. Apply make-up is simple. Make up appropriately and wear make-up as needed. Simply put on make-up that is simple to put a natural color eye shadow, mascara and blush and lip gloss.

  1. Use of Glitter
    Glitter is to be applied on the make-up when going to a party. But to go to the office using the glitter is not the right choice. Your appearance will be more excited. If you are forced to use it, then wear glitter to a minimum so as not to be too flashy.
  2. Eyeliner is a mess
    Eyeliner is one of the make-up tools are popular with women. Eyeliner is used to reinforce the line of the eye and make your eyes more to form. It’s just hard enough and need to use caution. While working you will not have much time to the bathroom to straighten the eye liner is a mess. Pick-lasting eyeliner for a long time and does not require repeated repairs. For maximum results, learn how to use various forms of variation eyeliner properly.
  3. Order ‘Messy Bun’
    Messy bun or hair style is deliberately styled messy break off into a perfect performance to hang out, but not suitable for the office. At the office, you should arrange hair more neat and chic. If you want to keep my hair with the models, should make the hair more volume and lift the hair to break off creating a style that is stylish, elegant and chic.