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Is it True Breast Size Affect Fertility?

 In a man’s natural instincts will direct the choice in infertile women as spouses. Because it is not wrong if some men like big breasted women, because breast size related to female fertility.

Not just the breasts, body shape as a whole showed a woman’s fertility rate, at least according  to a study at the an University, Poland. The study, conducted  that linked the female body shape with production of the hormone estradiol.

The researchers say the hormone estradiol is an indicator of a woman’s fertility. The higher levels of estradiol produced by the condition of a woman’s reproductive system are getting support to produce offspring.

He said that women who produce large amounts of estradiol tend to have a body that is called type ‘Barbie-shaped’. This type is characterized by a body like an hourglass shape, which is grooved with a slim waist and hip bones and large breasts.

With a shape like that, a woman on average had higher levels of estradiol 30 percent more than round-bodied women and scrawny. Excellence is giving the chance of pregnancy three times greater in women curvy bodied.

“In western culture, Barbie-shaped is a symbol of beauty. These findings provide a scientific explanation of related symbols,” he said as quoted by New scientist.

In that study, involving 119 women aged 24-37 years in America. All the participants are not currently using drugs and hormonal contraception and no overweight or underweight, which differ only in shape type.

Alternative Breast Implant Placement Options

Alternative Breast Implant PlacementA type of breast implant placement is an individual right as a patient. There are many looks that can be achieved, depending on the patient’s wishes, as well as height, size, placement, natural breasts, and ribs circumference. In addition, there are three types of alternative placement options for breast implants: subglandular, submuscular, and multiple plane. Plastic surgeons will work with the patient to determine the most appropriate to their needs and give them the desired results.

During this subglandular procedure, the breast implant is placed above the chest muscle chest true, but behind the breast tissue. One of the biggest arguments that support the subglandular implant placement involves less pain and bleeding for patients. Because the pectoral muscle is not changed, this approach resulted in a shorter recovery period and more comfortable. Submuscular approach is suitable for patients who have enough breast tissue to cover the breast implants and still produce a natural look and feel.

During the submuscular procedure, breast implants placed under the pectoral muscle of the chest. This method is usually done because there is more tissue to cover the implant supported, produces a more natural look and feel. This is especially true in lean women or women with small breasts. In addition, the submuscular placement approach was associated with a lower rate of capsular contracture, a condition in which scar tissue forms around the implant hardens and produces the appearance and / or disturbed. In addition, the results of submuscular implant technique in less interference with mammograms than with subglandular implants.

This procedure is a hybrid between subglandular and submuscular implant procedures. In this approach, the implant is placed partially beneath the pectoral muscle. Muscle separate glands in varying degrees to produce the right amount of muscle and gland cover. This allows the implant to fill the breast that was free. Additional effect of damping provides greater implant coverage and support. The double plan approach is most often performed on patients who want a natural look and feel, and have developed a slight degree of breast ptosis.

Plastic surgeons will evaluate each patient individually to determine the placement procedure will work best, both in terms of desired outcomes and patient convenience. There are several variables to consider in addition to breast augmentation implant placement. This may include natural breast shape and placement, as well as the patient’s skeleton and muscular system. A plastic surgeon will balance all of these variables when formulating a treatment plan to produce the best results.

Patients who have questions about the method of placement of breast implants and incision site, or want to know more about breast implant filler type, size, shape, and profile information should schedule an initial consultation at their convenience in the office of a local plastic surgeon. During this consultation, the surgeon will develop a personalized surgical plan and recommend the best type of breast implants.

Breast Cancer Treatment Center

Every woman knows how terrifying breast cancer is and it won’t be easy to accept that they must be dealing with this serious health condition. Woman must be able to know their body better and regularly check breast area as recommended. Breast cancer is highly treatable in early phase even with very good prognosis. Any sign of abnormality on the breast area, it must be consulted with a physician right away.

It is understandable that you are nervous even afraid with this condition and being haunted with the ideal of breast cancer. However, getting the right diagnosis is very crucial to know the right follow up option. The Breast Center at Houston Northwest Medical is the right place to go. It is the nationally recognized multidisciplinary medical center for breast cancer care and treatment. This is the finest medical facility in greater Houston area specializing in breast cancer with complete ranges of diagnostic services and treatments. The Breast Center has team of highly qualified medical professionals from different specialties dedicated their medical practices in the field of breast cancer diagnosis, treatment, and care. Team of physicians and surgeons is ready to deliver the best quality medical care to help you with your condition.

This medical facility has top notch cancer diagnosis technology. It is ranging from advanced breast imaging service to biopsy. Supported with highly capable diagnosis team, you will get precise diagnostic for your condition. Once you get the diagnosis, you can easily find medical specialists to discuss the treatment options you have. All staffs at this medical center are not only capable in their professional field but also compassionate to the patients. You will get the best of care to make sure that your treatment will give you optimum result. The Breast Center is where you can get the best, most trusted, and most compassionate care for breast cancer.

Breast Reconstruction Female After Weight Loss Surgery

Breast-Augment-mammoplastyIn the pre-surgical consultation for weight loss surgery, gastric bypass surgeon I remember asking me “will I lose my breast?” He assured me, yes indeed, I will lose my breasts. I am embarrassed by my skin balloon after WLS breasts, now deflated hung low in my chest. My breasts – my sexual pride and joy for many years – are now careless ugly flaps of skin.

The first attempt: I increased my exercises: bench press and butterfly. It did not help. Exercises that work the chest muscles will help tone the chest, but not the breast. Breast no muscle tissue, their fat tissue, and therefore do not respond to weightlifting or resistance exercise of any type.

 The second attempt: I tried a couple applying cream ordered from a fashion magazine. They promised to grow my breasts by two cup sizes. It turns out the promise was a lie.

The final step: Consult with your plastic surgeon. He congratulated my weight loss, muscle complimented me (I actually do a lot of resistance exercise) and then he suggested and augmentation mammoplasty. He will take the balloon deflated my skin, put them back front and center where they belong and inflate them with implants. I was about 18 months of operation and have maintained my weight for two or three months. I feel confident the time is right to get to “touch.”

 The surgery was performed under general anesthesia in the operating room at the plastic surgeon’s office. He is to remove excess skin, lifting my nipples and reposition them and implant inserted under the chest muscle. He closed the area with surgical tape and tied me in a surgical bra support. After I awoke from the anesthesia my husband took me home to rest and recover.

There is a lot of pain from muscle removed and transferred in the operation. Also, the weight of the implant looks great on my chest. Sitting is the most comfortable position. Lying down or standing due to discomfort. I take prescription pain medication for six days and then over-the-counter pain medication for two weeks. At first it does not look normal breast (what normally around the implant?) And I had the equivalent of postpartum breast sadness repeatedly ask “What have I done to my body?”

Augmentation of the breast, or augmentation mammoplasty, has become one of the plastic surgery procedure that is most often asked women of all ages. This is most often done to increase the size of small breasts, fix the size difference between the breasts, and breast reconstruction after mastectomy for breast cancer. a breast implant is inserted either behind the breast tissue of each breast or behind the pectoralis major muscle, the major muscle of the chest wall, thereby increasing the size of the breast. “

However, as the pain subsided so did my sorrow or regret. My new breasts settle well into my new little body and to this day I do not regret the procedure. I feel like, curvaceous sexy woman – a woman I never thought I would be.