June 2018
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Should You Screen Kids for Celiac Disease

I got to thinking about this after one of the teachers here showed me a site called gluten intolerance school. He was trying to explain to me what a pain it is for him to be intolerant of gluten and I can not imagine how hard it would be. Me I go to eat at a hundred places where you could probably not get any food that met those dietary constraints. I do not really know how you deal with it, because I do not want to think about the problems it would cause if you had to constantly screen your meals to be sure that you did not get any bad stuff. Think about going over to eat at a friends or going to the sister in law’s for a holiday meal, which would be a big thing this time of the year. I am not forced to make any of these hard choices, but it must be pretty rough for a lot of people.

For instance there is a kid in my class who has a very serious peanut allergy, meaning that no one can have peanuts in the class room. I love peanut butter and banana sandwiches ( I do not have them deep fried like Elvis Presley was alleged to have done), but I can not take them to work. In fact that is the perfect thing to eat at lunch. It is compact and it gives you all sorts of good stuff that you need. The peanut butter is going to give you all of the energy you need and of course bananas give you a lot of potassium, which is important if you get night cramps which is something that started to begin to happen to me when I got to be an older person.