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Alternative Breast Implant Placement Options

Alternative Breast Implant PlacementA type of breast implant placement is an individual right as a patient. There are many looks that can be achieved, depending on the patient’s wishes, as well as height, size, placement, natural breasts, and ribs circumference. In addition, there are three types of alternative placement options for breast implants: subglandular, submuscular, and multiple plane. Plastic surgeons will work with the patient to determine the most appropriate to their needs and give them the desired results.

During this subglandular procedure, the breast implant is placed above the chest muscle chest true, but behind the breast tissue. One of the biggest arguments that support the subglandular implant placement involves less pain and bleeding for patients. Because the pectoral muscle is not changed, this approach resulted in a shorter recovery period and more comfortable. Submuscular approach is suitable for patients who have enough breast tissue to cover the breast implants and still produce a natural look and feel.

During the submuscular procedure, breast implants placed under the pectoral muscle of the chest. This method is usually done because there is more tissue to cover the implant supported, produces a more natural look and feel. This is especially true in lean women or women with small breasts. In addition, the submuscular placement approach was associated with a lower rate of capsular contracture, a condition in which scar tissue forms around the implant hardens and produces the appearance and / or disturbed. In addition, the results of submuscular implant technique in less interference with mammograms than with subglandular implants.

This procedure is a hybrid between subglandular and submuscular implant procedures. In this approach, the implant is placed partially beneath the pectoral muscle. Muscle separate glands in varying degrees to produce the right amount of muscle and gland cover. This allows the implant to fill the breast that was free. Additional effect of damping provides greater implant coverage and support. The double plan approach is most often performed on patients who want a natural look and feel, and have developed a slight degree of breast ptosis.

Plastic surgeons will evaluate each patient individually to determine the placement procedure will work best, both in terms of desired outcomes and patient convenience. There are several variables to consider in addition to breast augmentation implant placement. This may include natural breast shape and placement, as well as the patient’s skeleton and muscular system. A plastic surgeon will balance all of these variables when formulating a treatment plan to produce the best results.

Patients who have questions about the method of placement of breast implants and incision site, or want to know more about breast implant filler type, size, shape, and profile information should schedule an initial consultation at their convenience in the office of a local plastic surgeon. During this consultation, the surgeon will develop a personalized surgical plan and recommend the best type of breast implants.

How To Reduce Scar After Plastic Surgery

laser-acne scarsPlastic surgery is a branch of medical science that is very popular these days. But because almost all plastic surgery involves making an incision, there is always a problem that leaves a scar, and the scar tissue to deal with afterwards. With some procedures such as liposuction and breast augmentation some kind, a very small incision is made that the amount of tissue is almost can be ignored.

However, other procedures such as breast lift, tummy tucks, thigh lift, buttock lift, and remove other skin procedures will always make old scars, and the wounds heal, some changes in the surrounding area can cause the skin to harden and even scratchy.

Why does this happen?
Scar tissue is mainly composed of collagen, a natural substance in the skin. Formation only way the body heal itself after trauma, but can cause some problems in the future for some women.
How much growing is how big and deep skin incision and how to fit together again after the stitches are placed. It is also determined by the age, what type of skin you have, and skin genes. And while you may start to see and feel the development of some of them during the first few weeks or months after plastic surgery, they can continue to make up to 18 months post-surgery.

Is there a possibility for prevention?
No matter what you do there will be some scarring tissue and the resulting problems. If the incision would not close. But there are some things that are known to help reduce their numbers as they growing. For example, under a doctor’s guidance, you can provide heat to the regular incision and gently massage the scarring line to increase blood flow to the area. If you are scarring on the body that can moved and implemented, stretching, proper motion, and athletics can really help keep the skin more flexible and continue down the formation of scar tissue.

In terms of the appearance of scarring, many people recommend the application of creams and lotions, such as antibiotics, ointments and lotions vitamin E.
There is some plastic surgery to remove it. But there is always the possibility of more to form. You should consult with your cosmetic surgeon if you have concerns about too much scarring tissue.

Many advances in operation cosmetic surgery

cure cystic acneMany of us are familiar with the most popular form of plastic surgery. Millions of people have chosen one or more cosmetic procedures, but did you hear about the real progress that has happened to improve the procedures and minimize the risk?

The American Society of Plastic Surgeons lists the following cosmetic surgery more popular year after year, ranging from surgery to breast augmentation (347,500 cases), liposuction (302,000 cases), eyelid surgery (241,000 cases), Rhinoplasty (285,000 cases), and tummy tuck (148.000 cases). Each procedure has a long history, and recent advances have made it safer and more effective than ever.

Progress for the three most popular types of cosmetic surgery are:

Breast Augmentation Surgery
Both types of silicone breast implants and saline was introduced in 1960. For example, silicone gel high cohesion is available for women. The gel is thicker than the other types of silicone implants filled with silicone manufacturing high cohesion name “gummy bear” implants. The plants are safer than previous generations of silicone implants, partly because greatly reduce the possibility of migration of silicone, or a loss in the body.

Modern form of liposuction has been around since the 1980s, but the procedure has changed dramatically over time. Significant advances in liposuction is the use of liquid injection. This injection is no longer required for general anesthesia in most cases, and they (and other improvements) made the process less risky. Now, men and women tend to have more cells of fat removal with less discomfort from the use of advanced liposuction technique.

Often called rhinoplasty, nasal surgery has experienced a series of advances in the past century. In general, candidates for rhinoplasty are now several options to shape them.

Choose Cosmetic Surgery
It does not matter where you are interested in cosmetic surgery, believe that surgeons, anesthesiologists and other surgical methods continue to improve and expand the options available to customers. However, each procedure has its own risks and special considerations, so be careful and always in consultation work with a certified plastic surgeon to make decisions about their care to make.