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When Going on Vacation, too Must Carry Cosmetics

Maintains the beauty when traveling or on vacation  flights is different from a typical day, because of differences in weather, temperature and environment. Brought cosmetics used to be practical and easy packaging. Quoted from the source, here are some beauty products that must be taken to keep the beauty for you to go to other countries or regions.

  1. Hand cream
    When on vacation in the tropics, your hand would be more frequently exposed to continuous sunlight. Hand skin cosmetics was thinner than facial skin, resulting in more rapid aging.
    Exposure to ultraviolet rays can damage collagen, which serves to make the skin suppler. If the collagen is broken, then there will be wrinkles and skin will become thinner. Damage to the collagen can be prevented by using a cream containing a minimum of SPF 15 every day. In addition, hand cream is able to provide nutrients, protect and assist the regeneration of the skin of the hands and moisturize the skin. Perform application of the cream every two hours so that the skin is completely protected.
  2. Eye Cream
    Even when traveling or on vacation, eye beauty remains a critical point in its appearance. The skin around the eyes is very thin; therefore choose eye creams that contain antioxidants and vitamin A. This content helps fight free radicals that cause wrinkles. By using an eye cream regularly cosmetics, the skin around the eyes will look fresh when on vacation.
  3. Face Freshener Spray
    Face or facial freshener spray mist can help refresh the skin, soothe, moisturize and restore skin elasticity, dry and tired when on vacation. Not only that, facial mist bottle is also designed with a practical use. How to use it simply by spraying on the skin prior to moisturizer application to help facilitate the absorption of water.
  4. Tissue Cleansing cosmetics
    Tissue cleansing make-up will be very useful when you have a long flight time. The point is to clean the remaining cosmetics and freshen the face again. Make-up cleansing tissues have high oil content. Oil will help clean up makeup, oil and dirt on the face. These cleaners are more suitable for normal to dry skin types.
  5. Practical Toothbrush
    Brush your teeth is a significant personal needs for every human being to maintain oral health.