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Easy Steps to Setting your Own Hair at Home

These easy steps to setting your own hair at home

Dry your hair well; this is the first condition that will determine the success of her hair. After the shower, gently press the hair using a cotton shirt. Tips are much better than dry your hair with a rough towel because cotton is softer so it will not damage the outer layer of hair.
After that, apply a shine serum (serum hair polish) starting from the center of the head to tip of hair. According to well-known hairdresser in New York, applying serum while still slightly damp hair is very effective in helping to spread over a maximum serum.

The best place to do your hair is dry and develops in the bathroom, because the typical temperature can help prevent your hair from humidity, temperature.
Tilt your head, hair blow-dry hair with his hands as he describes.

After that apply the right hair products, with maximum results. If you have straight hair and want to look fuller, use a mousse. If your hair is wavy or curly hairs use a straightening product (straightening balm).
Start smearing of the back of the head hair, separate the hair into four sections using a large-toothed comb: the top, bottom and two side sections. According to a leading hair stylist from New York, this will ensure maximum results.

Then cool, give the cold to grab the hair smooth and neat impression (sleekness). Perform this process until all the hair dry. Then repeat steps three and four of this number.
Time to give a final touch, spray the hairspray, and you’re ready to go to the party.