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It is simple to prevent skin aging

Prevent skin aging – Of course it has a very beautiful skin ideal woman, but age can not lie. Skin wrinkles, sags and decreased production of collagen due to aging make it dull face beaming. Some do it with surgery and some tried to cover it up with cosmetics. But this solution is only temporary and expensive and I believe that there is a better way to go about it.

I believe that there are some important elements to live a happy, energetic and fit when you are getting close to the end of your life. Several studies have shown this to be the correct time is the time of aging. But it turns out, there are important things that can prevent the onset of aging on your skin.

Stop smoking
A smoker has dry skin with fine lines around the lips a little. Smoking will make your skin is damaged due to the nicotine contained in cigarettes constricts blood vessels also make the flow of oxygen to the skin is reduced.

Once a week facial skin care
Facial skin care that requires extra attention. Perform regular facials once a week to maintain the health and beauty of your skin, this facial includes cleansing, facial scrubs, masks, evaporation and do not forget the moisturizer.
You can prevent and delay the aging process of the skin by using sunscreen to protect your skin from dangerous sunrays. Make sure before going outside use a sunscreen with an SPF of 40, so your skin dry.

Routine exercise
Exercise is also a very important part of maintaining health and vitality that is what makes sense of aging in the distance. I am not speaking exercise where you run a marathon or swim for miles and miles. Most people think that it takes a lot of time an effort to make exercise routine, but in reality it is just a poor excuse. The only thing that is required is consistency and 15-30 minutes a day. Go for a 30 minute walk around the block or walk in the park. You do not even have to do it at full speed. The trick is to do it every day.

Be grateful
The final step is to enjoy life and have a sense of gratitude. Be grateful for what you already have and start to focus on it consistently. By shifting the focus from what you do not need the things that you enjoy will give you a large amount of energy and a state of happiness.

Have a look at old people are always smiling. What do you thing they do every day? They focused on things in the past that did not work or they are grateful for the life they have lived and the lives that they are still alive.

Women Turned out Skin Aging Faster than Men

In general, men will look more dignified when he began to grow, while women with increasing age would appear to look older. The latest results also explain that her skin will grow old faster than the skin of a man possessed.
By using the laser technique, researchers can see the deeper layers of the skin and can further assess the damage caused by sun exposure and aging.
Picture of collagen and elastic cause skin wrinkling decline and loss of smoothness, and the look that women will experience a loss of collagen faster than men.

Collagen is the protein found in the dermis layer, a layer of connective tissue in the skin that has the ability to strengthen the skin. The body will make a lot of collagen at a young age, and then the production will continue to decline with age.

Currently, experts from the Friedrich Schiller University dermatology, many German study of collagen in the dermis tissue of patients with a way to take and do research under the microscope. Then they assess the collagen content.
Generally, the amount of collagen and elastic as well as the physical appearance of the dermis according to patient age. It was also associated with gender, where women are more rapid skin aging when compared with men. The statement also included in the journal Optics Letters. With this technique, it is hoped one day be used to analyze skin diseases affecting collagen.

Women Have More Risk Black Stains Spots on Face

Black stain on the faceBlack stain on the face or the so-called spots is a problem that many women experience. These spots can arise due to various factors, including genetic factors and external factors. External factors such as pollution, UV rays, cosmetics, age, etc., can cause hyper pigmentation. Black stain spots on the face not only experienced by women, but also men. Even so, women are more likely to experience these spots because of female hormones.

It is most influenced the emergence of a black stain or hyper pigmentation spots are melanin content in the skin that is affected by the production of the hormone estrogen in the female body. The hormone estrogen affects the formation of tyrosine’s enzyme that regulates the frequency and amount of melanin to be issued, and came to the surface of the skin epidermis.

The hormone estrogen will further increase during certain times of the female cycle period, for example, when you are menstruating. The buildup of pigment or melanin in the skin layer will lead to the emergence of black stain on the skin, known as dark spots or hyper pigmentation. However, the production of melanin due to the increase of this hormone is not immediately visible effect, but in a long time because they accumulate and reach the surface. Then comes this black stain spots.

In addition to menstruation, other factors that trigger spots of black stain is increased estrogen production is the use of oral contraceptives continuously, and the hormone estrogen that is formed due to pregnancy. Pregnant women must be seen to have many spots, especially in the face and neck. However, spots will usually disappear after childbirth.

Home and Natural Remedies
Most insurance does not cover cosmetic procedures such as age spot removal. These treatments can be very expensive, but there are alternatives you can try if you cannot afford the price of surgical treatment.
Aloe is good for many skin problems and can help fade age spots naturally. Apple cider vinegar can be mixed in two parts to one part of orange juice and applied to the area on a pad or cloth.

Women have used buttermilk for years to improve complexions, and the lactic acid may help you reduce the appearance of age spots. Castor oil has many adherents, and the oil should be rubbed into the skin twice daily. Proponents of this technique suggest spots will fade within a month.
Lemon juice, dandelion stems, bilberry herb, and mashed chickpea poultices are recommended by many people.

Some natural products use exotic ingredients, and they might show you how to get rid of aging spots without costing a lot of money. Extrapone nutgrass root lightens the skin naturally by inhibiting melanin production. The root extract can also arrest skin aging and reduces freckles.