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Breast Reconstruction Female After Weight Loss Surgery

Breast-Augment-mammoplastyIn the pre-surgical consultation for weight loss surgery, gastric bypass surgeon I remember asking me “will I lose my breast?” He assured me, yes indeed, I will lose my breasts. I am embarrassed by my skin balloon after WLS breasts, now deflated hung low in my chest. My breasts – my sexual pride and joy for many years – are now careless ugly flaps of skin.

The first attempt: I increased my exercises: bench press and butterfly. It did not help. Exercises that work the chest muscles will help tone the chest, but not the breast. Breast no muscle tissue, their fat tissue, and therefore do not respond to weightlifting or resistance exercise of any type.

 The second attempt: I tried a couple applying cream ordered from a fashion magazine. They promised to grow my breasts by two cup sizes. It turns out the promise was a lie.

The final step: Consult with your plastic surgeon. He congratulated my weight loss, muscle complimented me (I actually do a lot of resistance exercise) and then he suggested and augmentation mammoplasty. He will take the balloon deflated my skin, put them back front and center where they belong and inflate them with implants. I was about 18 months of operation and have maintained my weight for two or three months. I feel confident the time is right to get to “touch.”

 The surgery was performed under general anesthesia in the operating room at the plastic surgeon’s office. He is to remove excess skin, lifting my nipples and reposition them and implant inserted under the chest muscle. He closed the area with surgical tape and tied me in a surgical bra support. After I awoke from the anesthesia my husband took me home to rest and recover.

There is a lot of pain from muscle removed and transferred in the operation. Also, the weight of the implant looks great on my chest. Sitting is the most comfortable position. Lying down or standing due to discomfort. I take prescription pain medication for six days and then over-the-counter pain medication for two weeks. At first it does not look normal breast (what normally around the implant?) And I had the equivalent of postpartum breast sadness repeatedly ask “What have I done to my body?”

Augmentation of the breast, or augmentation mammoplasty, has become one of the plastic surgery procedure that is most often asked women of all ages. This is most often done to increase the size of small breasts, fix the size difference between the breasts, and breast reconstruction after mastectomy for breast cancer. a breast implant is inserted either behind the breast tissue of each breast or behind the pectoralis major muscle, the major muscle of the chest wall, thereby increasing the size of the breast. “

However, as the pain subsided so did my sorrow or regret. My new breasts settle well into my new little body and to this day I do not regret the procedure. I feel like, curvaceous sexy woman – a woman I never thought I would be.