3 Ways Chronic Pain can be Managed


Whether you developed chronic pain due to an accident or age, chronic pain cannot be cured, but it can be managed. Professionals at a pain management clinic jacksonville fl will determine how to best help alleviate your discomfort based on their findings after they assess your situation. Understanding where the pain is concentrated and how it originated helps them narrow down potential solutions.

Here are three ways chronic pain can be managed.

Spine Treatment

If your chronic pain is concentrated around your spine and back, a pain management professional will offer injections as a solution. For some, pain in the spine and back is so severe it leaves them without the ability to walk or stand. Injections to the epidural area helps some patients regain their mobility and alleviate some of the discomfort they are experiencing. Radio-frequency ablation is another option at your disposal as well as intrathecal pumps.

Joint Treatment

Chronic pain in your joints is often a result of inflammation. The inflammation of the joints prevents patients from comfortably moving around. Some patients experience relief through steroid injections. For others, stem cell and hyaluronic acid lubrication therapies have positive effects. A pain management professional begins with the most mild treatment, first. If there are no results, he will move to the next notch until something satisfactory is found.

Alternative Pain Relief Treatment

In the health care industry, doctors and scientists continue to research alternative treatments to manage chronic pain. BOTOX, for example, has provided relief from pain for those who experience migraines. Alternative pain relief treatment are often the least invasive. When alternative treatment is sought, because other attempts have failed to deliver desired results, a pain management professional will mix elements of traditional medicine with alternative medicine, physical and behavioral therapy. If your case is severe, rest assured your doctor’s goal is to find something that will work.

The professionals at pain management clinic jacksonville fl are ready to help. They are ready to put their experience and methods to use so you can experience some relief from your ailment.